How Workflow Automation Improves Security Response

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From social security numbers to missile defense specifications to personal addresses, the government is mandated to not only preserve but also protect citizen data. And most agencies have invested in a whole host of cybersecurity products to do just that.

But what happens when there is an actual security incident? How does your agency prioritize and resolve the most critical threats first? How do you make the security talent you have more effective?

Join us on Thursday, December 6 from 2-3pm ET/11am-noon PT, as our experts share how automation and consolidation of cybersecurity tools and processes can help you respond to threats faster and greatly improve the overall security of citizen data.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

    • How workflow automation works in agencies and reduces the burden on security and IT departments.
    • How to integrate your existing security tools in to a strategic platform that saves time and money, and responds to cybersecurity incidents faster.
    • The biggest barriers still facing agencies looking to innovate their cybersecurity procedures and practical approaches to improve.

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