Zero Trust: The Next Generation Security Architecture for Government

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A recent GovLoop survey found that 86 percent of respondents believe that network security was “very important” to their organization. This is not surprising, of course. More than ever before, mitigating the impacts of a cyberattack is of the highest national importance. No information is safe. There is no easily defined security perimeter. No person can be trusted. And inevitably, your organization will be attacked.

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way: what do you do about it?

Enter the ZeroTrust model.

With the Zero Trust model, state, local and federal agencies can protect all resources regardless of location; deploy a least privilege strategy with strict access control; and inspect all log traffic on a network. It allows public sector organizations to make their cybersecurity posture far more resilient and limit the damage of any breaches.

Admittedly, Zero Trust is a new approach to network security that many in government aren’t familiar with. But have no fear register for this on demand training to learn about the Zero Trust approach and how it can help protect your organization’s most important information.

Specifically, our government and industry experts will share:

  • Results from a recent GovLoop survey about the current state of cybersecurity and network security
  • What micro-segmentation is and how it relates to a Zero Trust approach
  • Three key components to building a Zero Trust architecture in your organization
  • Benefits of a Zero Trust model including obtaining a holistic view of your network to spot trends and automation to save employee time

Speakers include:

  • Mitch Herckis, Director of Government Affairs National Association, State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO)
  • Stephen Power, Networking and Security Specialist, Federal Civilian, VMware

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