Transforming the Toughest Employees and Teams

Welcome to Week 2! Here’s the game plan for this week:


This week, our experts, Sydney Smith-Heimbrock and Jim Elliott, cover conflict in the workplace, which aligns to ECQ 2: Developing People. You can access a recording of the week 2 webinar here. 

If you would like to preview, download or print a copy of the slides, you can do so below. To Download, select the view the presentation in SlideShare option.



This week, the assignment from the course workbookis to read traits 5-7 (pp. 10-12). This includes:

  • Conflict Mediator
  • Team Builder
  • Diversity Advocate



Once you’ve read the section summary and required reading, make sure to fill out your reflection notes for the week and send a copy to [email protected]. To save and send a copy, select the submit form button on the top left, fill in your email address. In the next screen, select internet email option and the completed document will save as a PDF to your computer. You can then keep a copy for your records and send one to [email protected]



Roll up your sleeves and join fellow participants to work through the Week 2 SME Challenge, where Sydney poses a challenge around a fractured team that needs to be restored to harmony.



You can reach out to [email protected] or [email protected] with any questions, concerns, or feedback. You can also come back here at 12:00pm ET on Thursday, May 21 for live office hours in the chat window, below.


Want More?

Can’t get enough of this week’s topic? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the other resources we think you might appreciate, if you’re looking for more information.

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