Using Real Estate Logic to Choose Your Cloud System

Choosing between a public cloud and a private cloud can be a confusing task at first. But thankfully, GovLoop’s recent online training discussed how best to incorporate cloud computing into an overall IT strategy and how to choose the best cloud system for your agency.

Let’s think about your goals and relate them to something we all understand: deciding to buy or rent a new house. Oracle’s Director of Government Cloud and Big Data Programs, Mark Johnson, walked us through the factors that will be in play when choosing a cloud system. You must first consider your overall goals and needs, just like you would before buying or renting a new home.

Buying the House

Any real estate professional will tell you that if you plan on living somewhere for an extended period of time, you’ll save money buying a home over the long term. Similarly, owning a private cloud computing system will save your agency money, even with the initial investment. If the goal of your cloud computing system purchase is to fully integrate the cloud into your agency’s IT strategy, utilizing a private cloud is a smart investment. The cost effectiveness is wise, considering the reality of shrinking federal budgets. Overall, a private cloud system will benefit agencies looking for permanent or long-term strategies to manage agency initiatives and goals.

Renting the House

Alternatively, you may need to pick up and move to a new city in a few years. In that case, it makes much more sense to rent a house. The same is true in the world of cloud computing. Short-term agency projects and goals would be well served through a public cloud, where the initial investment is significantly lower and flexible. Public cloud systems allow government to easily collaborate and share valuable information across agencies.

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Best of both worlds

Unlike the real estate market, cloud systems can help government better collaborate to best meet different goals. A great option for modern government agencies to reap the benefits of cloud computing is to utilize a hybrid strategy that affordably suits long-term goals and short-term missions. Not only that, but a well developed and IT integrated hybrid strategy will prove to be cost effective and manageable.

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Just like picking the best way to pay for your new home, it is crucial for governments to identify the best ways that cloud computing can serve their needs. Determining the best cloud strategy will complement your overall IT strategy and help make your government more efficient, transparent and cost-effective.

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