10 Benefits of Cloud Computing Initiatives

This is the seventh and final post in our GovLoop May Blog series, exploring how to break down silos in government. Our first post focused on the “trusted leader” and the traits required for leadership across government. Our second post explored collaboration strategies on your team. Last week, we looked out to the future, and how to recruit the next generation of public servants and what skills are needed for the next generation of government employees to work across agencies. We also explored the need to use multiple channels in customer service. This week we looked at acquisition and what is needed for government to cut costs and remove waste.

Today, we close out the series looking at technology in government, and how emerging technology can help break down silos. There are lots of great advances in technology for the public sector to implement, whether it be mobile, collaboration tools, cloud and/or other related initiatives. This week in particular I choose to focus on cloud technologies, as a way to collaborate and connect government employees.

Cloud Technology offers many benefits for government agencies. With more and more cloud initiatives being implemented in government, there are many related benefits to implementing a cloud initiative. The top 10 benefits I thought of can be found below, as always, I would love to hear what you believe are the benefits.

Share Information/Data

The cloud easily allows users to connect and share information across the agency. By sharing data, and resources, agencies can work collaboratively to solve cross-agency challenges.

Share Best Practices

Just like with data, best practices and resources can easily be shared through the cloud, whether this be certain initiatives or programs that the agency has started.

Instantly Connect

The cloud makes it easier than ever before to connect with colleagues. The ability to instantly connect through the cloud, collaborate on documents, share information is one of the many benefits of the cloud.

Drive Improved Decision Making

With sharing data and information, decision makers will have access to the right information they need to make a decision. Some of my favorite examples of this are when agencies use the cloud to connect people in the field with decision makers back in the office. This has many useful applications.

Connect More Decision Makers

With the cloud, more decision makers can be connected and work to collaborative to find solutions. Getting all the right people at the table is always a challenge, but the cloud helps mitigate some of those solutions.

Increase Telework Opportunities

With cloud technology improving, this has provided more opportunity for teleworking. Teleworking provides many benefits to employees and organizations.


Don’t forget that technology can also be a recruitment tool. Many of future workers are accustomed to using cloud technologies to collaborate on projects, they will expect to have this kind of technology at the workplace.

Increased Efficiency/Productivity

With the cloud, people can be more efficient and productive by having the information they need at their fingertips, rather than searching/requesting information.

Cost Savings

Cost savings is usually mentioned with cloud technology. With this kind of technology now available, agencies need to be smart as to how they think about cost savings. If a new cloud initiative yields a cost saving, the saved money can be redistributed back into the agency to support other initiatives.

Improved Transparency

The last benefit is transparency, with the ability to quickly access information and share information through the cloud, agencies can improve their transparency efforts. Cloud allows people to share the right information and allow people to quickly access the information they want.

These are 10 ways the cloud can work to improve collaboration in government and work to break down silos, what are some of your thoughts? What would you add to the list?

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