3 Pathways Job Openings

Looks like a number of Pathways & Recent Grads job openings are starting to make their way into USAJOBS

Three I saw from last week:

NASA Pathway Intern Program

Census Visual Information – Recent Grads

Army HR Specialist – Recent Grads

Anyone see others? I’m glad to see this program starting to be rolled out.

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Audrey Hudak

I’m applying for any Pathway internship I qualify for. Do you think that presidential politics (possibility of a President Romney) could affect the Pathways program?

Terrence (Terry) Hill

That’s great that agencies are hiring new employees again. I’m sure that the Pathways program will continue, regardless of the outcome of next week’s election, because these programs just replace other entry-level hiring programs that are critical to keeping the government running. I’m just not too optimistic about the number of positions that agencies will fill due to uncertainties like sequestration, budget deficits, and other initaitives.