4 Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

I recently read a report from Quest Software, Taking a New Approach to Application Compatibility in Windows 7 Migrations: New Solutions Ensure Application Compatibility During Operating System Upgrades. The report provides valuable insights for IT administrators. The report states:

With the countdown to the end of Windows XP support fast approaching zero, migration to Windows 7 is evitable for IT organizations of all sizes and across all geographies and vertical markets. But few IT leaders are relishing the idea of a major operating system conversion in the face of today’s cold, hard realities of tighter budgets, leaner staffs and dramatically higher expectations from business stakeholders.

The report then focuses on two main content areas, The Move to Virtualized Desktops and Desktop Virtualization and Windows 7 Concurrency. The report concludes with a brief summary and an about Quest section. You can view the entire report by registering and downloading the report here. I’d encourage you to take a read; there is some great information within the guide. This post will focus on the section of the report that provides insights to virtual desktops.

The Move to Virtualized Desktops

The report cites that “Desktop virtualization represents one of the most promising shifts for IT organizations struggling with years of desktop and application sprawl, coupled with ever-tightening budgets and leaner staffs.”

With the dire fiscal state and continuing changes to the workforce, IT staffs need to think of how to provide a more efficient and economical solution to providing employees with access to information. The report identifies that with increasing use of “bring your own device,” agencies are looking at more ways to allow workers to work from anywhere, and over any network. Quest believes that virtualization is part of the solution. Benefits of virtualization that are identified in the report are:

  • Centralization and standardization bring simpler management
  • Reduced complexity
  • Easier remote access and cross-platform delivery
  • Tighter security.
  • Capital expense of desktop virtualization can be lower than that of a network of distributed physical desktop

With improvements in technology, management confidence has increased for virtualization technology. The report has a lot of great information, and encourage you to take a read.

Has your agency embraced virtualization? What are some of the challenges?

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