4 Examples of Verified Government

Is your government verified? I love the trend in social media of verifying government accounts. The public needs to know whether an account is really government or not and it can be hard to tell in social media.

It truly is a continuation of web 1.0. The original verified e-government account is the .gov – but seeing that domain you know it is a government websites.

Here are 4 examples of social media verifying government

1) SeeClickFix – Last week SeeClickFix announced it’s offering verified acounts for government officials on it’s service. This allows users to know when government is responding to submissions of issues.

2) Twitter – Twitter has had verified accounts for a while. Here is an example of the verified Interior Twitter account

3) Facebook – Facebook announced verified accounts in May 2013. Here’s an example from the White House.

4) GSA Social Media Registry – If you are ever unsure if an account is really government, GSA launched a great social media registry tool in 2012. Agencies should upload their accounts here to confirm they are government and citizens can check here

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