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4 Tips for a Great Prezi Presentation

Today I was asked by my sister for an example of a great Prezi presentation so she could share it with her high school English class.

For those that don’t know, Prezi is a presentation software that enables more zooming in and out – basically a different approach to Powerpoint.

I sent my sister to this great Prezi presentation from our recent NextGen+ event entitled “Under 5: How we Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bureaucracy” from Michael Lawyer and Anthony Soriano of HUD Under 5.

So here’s my 4 tips of what makes this Prezi great;

1) Story Arc – the beauty of Prezi is that it’s a great way to tell a story in pieces. I love how the beginning we are transitioning across dates in times related to HUD. Prezi is great with telling linear time stamped stories.

2) Design – Simply it’s beautiful. The background yellow pops, the font is great, the images are great. Lots of great images and typography throughout. I see too many people keep a super simple Prezi – no color, simple font. Even with a newer software, you need to add pizazz still.

3) Clear calls to action – After setting up the story of HUD Under 5, the Prezi gets into a quick 3 steps you can do to

create a young professional group in your agency. Tons of tactical and practical advice with clear actionable steps.

4) Amazing close -What a close. It leaves with an inspiring quote from Teddy Roosevelt that incorporates the entire presentation in the image & ties in Michael Lawyer (presenter)’s signature bow tie. Leaves you inspired.

What’s your favorite Prezi Presentation? What makes a great Prezi?

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Andrew Krzmarzick

This one was a classic. It was *very* well thought out. I’d say it ranks up there for me as the best I’ve seen, bar none.

Elizabeth Carlson Hurst

I am hoping this is a fad – I find a Prezi to be unattractive and a sloppy information source. I would rather read bullet points than navigate a jumbled bit of kitschy media.

Monika Dlugopolski

Thanks for that. There is a place and time for Prezi. In my line of work, we often need materials that not only visually support the presentation but also serve as reference and information for those who did not attend the briefing. However, should I need to make a video to run in the background, Prezi is a fantastic and much cheaper alternative than typical video-making.

Christine O'Neill

Prezi can be awesome, but you definitely have to put time in to doing it well. I appreciate a well-done, attractive Prezi, while acknowledging that there are a lot of clumsy, dizzying Prezis out there.


Christine – agree. In some ways I feel Prezi has higher highs and lower lows than a Powerpoint presentation. When done well, it’s amazing. But a below average Prezi can be unattractive and dizzying.

Jessica Summers

I recently used a Prezi for a presentation in my communications class. My teacher found it very entertaining because it can be told as a story and zooms in to focus on certain points. From a student’s perspective Prezi is a great tool to differentiate yourself from the ever occuring power point slides.