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5 Practical Tips for Managing Your Mobile Device

You have a mobile device in the palm of your hand — great! But do you know how to use it effectively and safely? Probably not.

It’s bad enough when you leave your personal device vulnerable, but when improper use of a mobile device leads to an enterprise vulnerability, you’re in big trouble. Think WikiLeaks trouble..

When most of us make a mobile device management mistake, though, it’s on accident. These devices are ubiquitous, but security training is not.

Here are five tips for making sure your mobile device management is up to snuff:

  1. Conduct Pilot Programs: By starting small, agencies are able to test a core set of users and do a more thorough analysis of the benefits, risks and communicate with the pilot program participants.
  2. Engage your end users: Users will usually take a shortcut if they don’t understand the security best practices. Take a more user behavior-centric approach to mobile security, allowing more latitude. This is a very different model than the more control-oriented and control-centric one we are used to.
  3. Know the Data: Users need to understand the data in order to understand the importance of protecting it. Make sure users are taking care of the data through the same level of vigilance when they are operating in different capacities.
  4. Not Everything Needs an App: It’s relatively easy to build mobile applications these days, and even easier to adapt an existing application to your organization’s mission. But before we rush out and create dozens of single-use applications, make sure an app makes sense.
  5. Plan Ahead: Don’t just build the apps or security measures you need now — think months, if not years, down the line. It’s much more costly to add in security measures later.

The five tips listed above are just a drop in the bucket. What is your mobile security tip? Let us know in the comments below!

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