5 Tips on Where in the World is Gov’t?- Lessons from BGov

Join us on Sep. 21st to See. Do. and Learn about Bloomberg Government with an interactive session complete with tips on how it can help you be awesome as a public affairs official. Limited seating so please RSVP.

I’ve been periodically checking out Bloomberg Government the last month as we’ve been preparing our see.do.learn event for 9/21.

One of my favorite parts has been checking out what goes on each day in government – from hearings to political executives speaking to new contract openings and proposals to recent news.

So here’s my favorite 5 random things in government from today:

1) Support for Graduate Medical Education – The House of Representatives made a move to continue support graduate medical education -H.R. 1852, to amend the Public Health Service Act to reauthorize support for graduate medical education programs in children’s hospitals (H. Rept.112–205).

2) Tax Form Changes – The Treasury Department; Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (F.R. Page 45007) holds a meeting by teleconference of the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel Tax Forms and Publications Project Committee to discuss various IRS issues.

3) We support Romania – Defense Secretary Leon Panetta hosts an honor cordon at 3pm to welcome Romanian president Traian Basescu to the Pentagon.

4) Reviewing Potential SES Candidates- From the Federal Register, the Department of Justice announces the membership of its 2011 Senior Executive Service (SES) Standing Performance Review Boards (PRBs)

5) The Breadth of Government Contractors is fascinating – Here’s one request for proposal – United States Government Seeks Leased Office Space In Durango, Colorado 8CO2412 – estimated value $1,722,834.10

Just a little of the fun playing around with Bloomberg Government and exploring what’s happening in government.

Hope to see you on the 21st where we’ll do a great demo and deep dive of core issues.

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