7 Tips from 25 Years in Government IT

Spent the morning checking out Federal Computer Week's 25 years in review (great read check it out):

When reading it, I noticed 7 key themes that have been big over time

1 - Space/telework - Seems like GSA has been trying to consolidate/shrink space for 25 years

2 - Job Description - Problems with outdated IT job descriptions go back 25 years and is always a few years behind the technology changes

3 - Procurement problems -Love this quote from 1991 - The federal IT procurement was a persistent, systematic failure

4 -Always confusing about new technology - in mid-90s took a ruling to decide if email an official record. Was a big deal when 16 Congressmen got email

5 -Cyber - Cyber has always been an issue - Clinton put $1.9 B in budget for it in 1999

6 -Large system failures - Big systems have been tried and failed for years - FBI, IRS modernization among others

7 - Big change is tough but worth it - for all the complaints about how things stay the same, there have been real big changes with technology in government. It just takes awhile and is a long fight

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