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A little recognition goes a long way. Why Public Service Recognition Week matters and tools to make it happen

It’s Public Service Recognition Week — a time for managers to take a second to appreciate all the great work you do on a daily basis. It really couldn’t of come at a better time for federal employees who are under fire for the actions of a few bad apples.

Tom Fox is Vice President for Leadership and Innovation at Partnership for Public Service. He’s outlined some simple ideas to show your employees you value their work. Fox told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program a little gratitude goes a long way.

Tom Fox’s 5 ways managers can show their appreciation

  1. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Post photos of successes in accomplishing your mission.

  2. Share comments from your customers. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing right from the people who have benefited from your services. Share testimonials from your organization’s “customers,” both inside and outside government, thanking your agency for the services or benefits provided.

  3. Remind employees of the good outcomes. Recount the successes accomplished by your agency for the American public as a way of reminding employees that they should be proud of what they are doing for the country.

  4. Share news of your agency’s stars. Every agency has its acknowledged “stars” – award-winning employees who have made a real difference. Share information about these federal standouts with your employees, both those that have been recognized by outside groups and cited within your agency.

  5. Search for additional agency stars. Ask your employees to share examples of how individuals or teams have exceeded expectations in accomplishing the mission, and let them know that the best of these success stories will be shared internally and externally.

The Partnership for Public Service is also allowing you to send an 
e-card to your favorite public servant thanking them for their work. Click here for more information.

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