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A Solution to Government’s Data Security Challenge

As the volume and type of data that government creates and manages evolves, so must the practices for ensuring that data is secure and made accessible to those who need it, when they need it and for the right reasons.

To aid this effort, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently issued updated identity, credential and access management (ICAM) policies to protect data without sacrificing functionality. ICAM systems only authorize an approved individual to access the necessary resources during the specific time frame that they’re needed.

ICAM capabilities are best known for their ability to blend security with a positive user experience and high performance. Built into the IT infrastructure of an agency, ICAM is an essential part of government agencies’ digital services to protect sensitive data from ill-intentioned actors.

OMB guidelines don’t end at ICAM. OMB’s overarching data security protocol includes data encryption, access controls, strong administration policies and more. Through these policies, OMB is working to improve the trust and safety of transactions between the federal government and the public to enhance digital service delivery.

As the number of encryption technologies and real-world threats continue to expand, agencies are left susceptible to security risks and systems not being available when needed. Agencies need secure data residing in reliable data warehouses that can be accessed by the right people at the right times in order to uphold OMB’s promises to the public and drive timely decision-making.

The Vormetric Data Security Platform from Thales eSecurity delivers the scalability, flexibility, and efficiency agencies need to address their expanding encryption and compliance requirements, while reducing cost and complexity. It provides one solution for securing sensitive data across servers spanning multiple data centers, clouds, big data and container environments.

Thales provides agencies with secure and trustworthy data warehousing wherever data is created, shared or stored, all without impacting agility. This means employees can have secure access to the resources they need in a timely manner. In fact, Thales is the vendor of choice for organizations such as  AlphaSix because of its mission to encrypt applications and data to maintain high security standard.

AlphaSix created a data warehouse for government agencies that allows users to access previously unavailable data in a collaborative environment. The corporation provides centralized data storage to make incorporating governance, security and auditing big datasets easier. This ultimately provides a better framework for incorporating more advanced analytical capabilities.

As federal agencies work to comply with new ICAM guidance, Thales can help streamline the process through its partnership with AlphaSix to provide secure data warehouses in the public sector. As your agency continues its data security journey in compliance with OMB’s new standards, platforms such as the one provided by Thales can demystify the process.

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