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Are the Experts in Cubicles or Classrooms? (PREZI)

I just wrapped up sharing this presentation with some folks as part of the George Washington University Senior Leader Program…details later, but wanted to embed the presentation right away so they (and you!) could have a link:

NOTE: I also posted a 2-part series that is the presentation-as-a-blog-post :

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Avatar photo Bill Brantley

Good stuff! Two books I would recommend:
1) The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development into Business Results by Calhoun W. Wick, Roy V. H. Pollock, and Andy Jefferson (I’ve only read the first edition and they just released a second edition this September).
2) CompanyCommand: Unleashing the Power of the Army Profession by Nancy M. Dixon, Nate Allen, Tony Burgess, Pete Kilner, and Steve Schweitzer. (HBR Breakthrough Idea of 2006).

Andrea Baker

A couple of questions Andrew. What type of license did you get for Prezi and are there any tools like this approved for the DoD space. I understand if you do not know the answer to the second one.

Dennis Blasius

Andrew, thanks for the information provided at the Senior Leaders Program at George Washington University. I t was great to meet you. I’ll admit that govloop was just some much white noise before your presentation. You must have been convincing, because we are signing on and spreading the word!

Andrew Krzmarzick

Thank you, Dennis – I appreciate your kind words!

Let me know how I can help you spread the word…I will send a private message to learn more about your specific areas of interest and share some links.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Andrea – I used whatever was free in terms of using Prezi. I just checked Apps.gov and see that Prezi is NOT on the list…not sure if it’s approved for DoD, but talk to David Dejewski. He may know.