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Army Social Media Handbook 2012

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Henry Brown

The army sure has come a long way since April 2009

Govloop Discussion DOD and Social Networking

April 2009

From the NY Daily News

U.S. Army uses Facebook page, tweets to declare war on Ashton Kutcher’s top Twitter spot
Monday, April 20, 2009

The U.S. Army wants you – to be its friend on Facebook.

You can also follow the Army on Twitter. Or post a comment on its new blog. They’re all part of the Army’s new mission: social networking.

“If Ashton Kutcher can do it, the U.S. Army can do it,” said Lindy Kyzer, who posts the Army’s “status updates” on Facebook and “tweets” on Twitter.

Kyzer issued a public challenge – to get more followers on Twitter than Kutcher, an actor and social networking fiend who recently won a bet with CNN that he could reach 1 million followers first.