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At Your Service: A Case for As-a-Service Solutions

In order to continue serving constituents effectively, agencies need to embrace change. This includes digital transformation, as it has become an urgent need for agencies to make the critical to modernize. Only then will they be able to offer high-quality services on par with the private sector.  

To make that transformation a reality, three challenge need to be addressed: 1) not enough IT staff to skillfully make the changes needed, 2) tight budget considerations and 3) a change-resistant culture.  

These aren’t small obstacles, it is possible for agency leaders to leverage solutions that will give your customers the secure, up-to-date services they’re clamoring for.  

As-a-service solutions give agencies the freedom to modernize systems without financial burden. With this pay-as-you-go model, your agency can borrow the skill sets and staff needed to accomplish your mission, while scaling the services to be more affordable.   

A real-life example of as-a-service solution success comes from the state of Virginia, who used Robotic Process Automation-as-a-service to process their unemployment benefit claims during the pandemic, after being swamped by an influx.  

An unemployment analyst typically took 10 hours to process 120 claims, while a bot took 24 minutes to do the same job. Due to this as-a-service solution alone, the unemployment backlog decreased by approximately 40%.   

For more information and examples of how as-a-service solutions can improve your efficiency as an agency, download this report.  

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