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THE HORROR: The Four Stages of Comms Facepalm

We’ve all been there working in comms, marketing, web and PR… the ridiculous request that gets made of you that is dafter than a box of frogs. A request or a comment so ludicrous, so inane and so lacking in common sense that it takes all your considerable being to stop yourself from tipping overRead… Read more »

How to Do Authentic Frontline Social Media

With social media dedicated frontline people can brilliantly provide a human face to champion the work an organisation is doing. Morgan Bowers, Walsall Council’s senior countryside ranger, is a pioneer of this approach and has worked to innovate around how people outside the comms team in the public sector can do to really connect withRead… Read more »

PROTEST PR: How Comms Should Answer Cuts Questions

You’re a public sector PR person and you’ve got to answer a question from the media about cuts, what do you do? Forecasts say there will be 40 per cent job losses in some areas of the public sector with £3.3 billion being taken from the voluntary sector over a five year period and £20Read… Read more »

FAIL FORWARD: Don’t Fear Failure – blog and slideshare

It’s such a damning word isn’t it, failure? It’s the bowler hatted man falling on a banana skin or the wrongly sent tweet that leaves us falling about LOL-ing. But the truth is, failure is beautiful. From failure we learn and we can do a better job. We shouldn’t fear failure. We should leave spaceRead… Read more »

SPACE LAB: We need to create time to experiment to survive

There’s been a real drive for evidence based campaigns in the public sector just recently. Government communicators have been asked not to do anything unless it’s based on data. The argument goes that this cuts out the vanity campaign or the SOS – the Sending Out Stuff – that sees press releases and other thingsRead… Read more »

11 Things A Public Sector Social Customer Services Should Have

It’s always good to see slow burning success… and even more so when it comes for people who has worked hard on it. John Fox spent a fair chunk of time at Sheffield City Council on a range of projects and working to get customer services engaged with the social web was one. I helpedRead… Read more »