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Thoughts on retirement

On September 30 I retired from active employment in local government after more than 38 years–the last 13+ years as Human Resources Director for the City of Medford. I will continue to be active, however, as Chairman of the Board of the HRA VEBA Trust, a three-state health benefits trust serving more than 40,000 localRead… Read more »

Public Service Recognition Week

This week has been designated by Congress as Public Service Recognition Week, and, as a professional public employee, I want to recognize the thousands of public servants at all levels of government for the services they provide, not just to residents of the United States, but throughout the world. They include aid workers in Africa,Read… Read more »

For the APE in all of us

APE, published today, is Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch’s great service to self-publishing, including links and practical advice delivered with a sense of humor and sage language. Well worth more than its digital weight.

Supreme Court upholds Federal Health Care Law

Please take the time to read the Supreme Court’s opinions upholding the Federal health care reform law. Many will disagree but the uninsured and underinsured, including many many children whose future is in our hands, will certainly benefit.

California Discovered

In the process of re-creating another post from my old web site–this one on an interesting point of view on the discovery of California by European explorers as opposed to the native population who were then present–I concluded the material was too long for a regular blog posting. So, I turned the material into aRead… Read more »