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Real compliance or just plain paranoia?

Well friends, I come to you again with my stories from the trenches and queries to stimulate your thinking. There is lots of news about the current administration’s intent to apply sound stewardship to funds appropriated in the the most recent spending bills, i.e. (ARRA) American Recovery & Reinvestement Act of 2009, (TARP) Troubled AssetRead… Read more »

ARRA of 2009 and Watching the money

I’d like to get responses from all levels of government on these questions… The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, (a.ka. “ARRA of 2009”) is in the throws of having $825 billions distributed and plans implemented. My cabinet agency is responsible for administering $16.3 billion in assistance, which does not include the $3.92 billionRead… Read more »

Who’s a public servant anyway?

I am employed in the federaI service, and I have the pleasure of having worked at the State and local levels of government. I have to say this. I don’t view elected officials as “public servants!” Most assuredly not in the 21st century and most certainly not in the fashion noted in the Civil ServiceRead… Read more »