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The Myth of the Turnaround Employee

I cant remember how often I’ve heard stories like the one I just heard from a good friend of mine. He had introduced me to a person who by all accounts was courteous and professional and an all-around good guy. After he left the room I got “The Story.” We’ve all heard it too manyRead… Read more »

Being a Good Follower

For all the hype (and there is alot of it) about leadership, too few people give voice to the one thing all leaders need. Followers. And if you want to really get good at leading – you had better lock down following first. I don’t care how cool your boss is, true followership is notRead… Read more »

Inspired Versus Required

A traveler saw two men cutting stone from a mountain and placing the blocks on carts. He asked them, “What are you doing?” One said, “Can’t you see? We’re cutting stones from this mountain.” The other man gave the traveler an understanding look and said, …”We’re building a church.” I am always screwing up; andRead… Read more »

The Honor in Bureaucracy

“It would be my honor.” I’m not sure when I first started saying that as an answer to requests, but it has become a sort of habit. Though I never say it if, in fact, I don’t mean it; meaning it has become the norm and not the exception because when people think of meRead… Read more »