Best of GovLoop 2009 – Top 7 Videos

Man…there were a ton of us sweet videos on GovLoop in 2009. I got my good buddy Phil to do a best of 2009 Videos. Here’s his take…

The Machine is Us/ing us. Would you like a snappy introduction to the web 2.0 and the new computing with a nice little techno soundtrack? Then this popular video (over 10 million views on YouTube) posted to GovLoop by Mark Danielson is for you.

Steve’s first vlog. Our fearless leader posts his first video quickly introducing himself and what GovLoop is all about and relegates FDR’s fireside chats to the dustbin of history.

Web 3.0–Kevin Kelly interview. Getting tired of Web 2.0? The founding editor of Wired magazine talks about what the future of the web and technology may hold. A fascinating discussion from December 2007 that offers some broad thoughts about what’s next. Posted by Donna Quesinberry

Did You Know 4.0 This is the latest update to the “Shift Happens” video and provides a nice snapshot of the changing media landscape. Posted by Henry Brown.

AwesomeGov Winner – Adventures for the Cure wins the GovLoop AwesomeGov charity contest and gets a PGA Tour-style check and look sweet in their bicycles.

I.S.S. Baby – The best NASA rap video ever by some rad interns.

USA.Gov – The one-stop preeminent U.S. federal website…Check out their awesome Wizard of Oz ad.

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