Best of USAJobs July 19

USAJobs can be a great resource for those looking to enter public service for the first time or career public servants interested in finding new job opportunities. To help promote interest in the site and the thousands of jobs it has listed, GovLoop highlights some of the more interesting opportunities available in a blog post each week. Welcome to the latest edition of our exciting federal employment opportunities roundup!

  1. Museum Registration Technician

If your happiest childhood memories are of roaming the halls of a museum, this could very well be the job for you. The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian is looking for someone to help with loan processing—artifact and exhibition loans, that is. Click here to view the job.

  1. Archeologist

Archeologist is already a cool job, and when you add to that the fact that this position is based in Hawaii, it’s hard to imagine a better gig. The Department of the Interior is looking for someone who can handle cultural resource management. Click here to apply.

  1. Railroad Safety Inspector

Having had a model train set as a kid unfortunately doesn’t qualify you for this position—the Federal Railroad Association needs someone with the proper experience to monitor regulatory compliance of hazardous material rail shipments. Click here to view the job.

  1. Biological Science Technician

If you’ve got a green thumb, or can at least keep your houseplants alive, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. The Department of Agriculture is in need of a biological science technician who can assist with collecting plant performance data to document conservation efforts. Click here to view the job.

  1. Cartographic Technician

If maps are your thing and you don’t spook easily, this could be the job you’re looking for. The Veterans Affairs National Cemetery Administration needs someone competent in GIS mapping to provide support for national cemeteries. Experience with ARCGIS is a requirement, so make sure it’s on your resume before applying. Click here to view the job.

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Isaac Constans

Love reading this series every week! Interesting to me that the federal government spells “archaeologist” (how I was always taught to spell it) without the second ‘a’