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Get Smart – From Wearable Technology to Talking

“Get smart” means paying attention to co-workers, friends, family, spouse, or a partner. Nothing brings more stress to interpersonal relationships than carrying frustrations home after work. Get smart means getting smart. Being aware of all this takes work. Being smart about the law, political motivations, and social context is part of our job. It is… Read more »


How to Be the Best Leader

We expect a lot from our government. Despite frequent funding constraints, we still expect agencies to deliver quality results to the public. High expectations externally drive high ones internally. As a result, government agencies are incredibly mission-driven. So when employees in the public sector act, their managers expect those actions to directly align with the… Read more »


6 Steps for a Successful Mentor Relationship

This week, Steve Ressler, GovLoop’s CEO and Founder, was a guest speaker at the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Mentor Program celebration. At the event he shared six steps to have a successful mentoring relationship. And I also want to share them with you! 1. Get Acquainted Your first mentor meeting will be like a professional… Read more »