Best of USAJobs May 29

USAJobs can be a great resource for those looking to enter public service for the first time or career public servants interested in finding new job opportunities. To help promote interest in the site and the thousands of jobs it has listed, GovLoop highlights some of the more interesting opportunities available in a blog post each week. Welcome to the latest edition of our exciting federal employment opportunities roundup!

  1. Administrative Specialist

Do you want to work closely with the legal system? Then consider this position with the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. They’re looking for someone to help with “administrative support, project planning, and communications support.” Click here to view the job.

  1. Budget Analyst

Space! The final frontier! If you want to work adjacent to the space exploration field, then consider this position with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA. They need a budget analyst familiar with all stages of the budgeting process. Click here to view the job.

  1. Industry Economist

Do you have a passion for fisheries management and an aptitude for market analysis? Then apply for this position with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, where you’ll be conducting economic research in support of fisheries management and the seafood market. Click here to view the job.

  1. Resource Conservationist

Love the natural world? Want to see it advance and prosper? Then consider this job with the Agriculture Department, where you’ll be providing guidance for soil and water conservation programs. Click here to view the job.

  1. Ecologist

Do you have a favorite ecosystem? Is it the sagebrush ecosystem? Then you’re the ideal candidate for this position with the Interior Department. They’re seeking an experienced ecologists to conduct fieldwork training and research, with a sagebrush-specific focus. Click here to view the job.

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