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Big Data- Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

Yesterday I attended the Big Data conference hosted by The Technology Training Corporation in Rosslyn, Va. One of the speakers at the symposium was Kevin Jackson, VP and GM of Cloud Services at NJVC. While there were many good points that were addressed throughout the duration of the event, Kevin was able to break down one of the most daunting challenges surround Big Data in the government space.

The biggest take away from the session was, simply put, not all cloud service providers are created equal. It’s important to consider what you need from a CSP and align your priorities when making a decision. Security, agility, scalability, upload/download speed, and ease of access are all determining factors. As Kevin mentioned, it may be more beneficial to choose several CSPs rather than focus on one for all of your demands and needs.

Is your organization currently using one or multiple CSPs? What are some of the benefits/challenges you’ve faced in aligning yourself with the correct CSP(s) for your organization? Would love to get your thoughts.

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