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Boston Manhunt Proves the Power of Interagency Collaboration

“Last week was a very dark week for the country, you had what happened in Boston, West Texas and the ricin letters sent to politicians here in DC. But in the midst of those tragedies there was a bright spot and that was the work of the public servants,” said Tom Fox.

Fox is the Vice President for Leadership and Innovation at the Partnership for Public Service. He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program he was proud of the work of the government employees.

“One of the most inspiring images to me was late friday night with the breaking news coming that they had aprehended the suspect in Watertown, you saw the citizens of Boston breaking into spontaneous applause for local, state and federal officials. They were out on the sidewalks to applaud their good work,” said Fox. “That’s not something that many government workers see a lot.”

Interagency/Inter-governmental Collaboration

“It is a nice reminder of just how effective government can be,” said Fox. “It would be nice to recapture that essence for when the stakes maybe aren’t as clear and present but are still important.”

  • “You can even see the cooperation manifest itself in the press conferences. They had officials from every jurisdiction represented and speaking to the thing they knew best. We will obviously find more about the investigation later, but right now it looks like a seamless integration of teams,” said Fox.

FBI Makes Moves

“The FBI was able to control the message much better than when it is left to the major media outlets. They were able to control the message by being innovative. The Washington Post reported on the hours and hours of video footage the FBI employees were viewing and it turned out to be a key link in solving this really horrible crime. The FBI put up a webpage to collect video and photos from the public,” said Fox.

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