Building a Secure Foundation for Your Data Analytics Program

Having a solid and secure IT backbone is foundational for the type of data-driven decision-making that agencies are working toward. They’re seeking innovative ways to boost internal efficiencies, while also improving how they manage and safeguard data.

But the reality agencies face isn’t if their data centers are going to be attacked, but when. While nefarious infiltration into IT infrastructure may be inevitable, suffering from a breach is avoidable. The question agencies of all sizes should be asking themselves is, “How quickly can my IT organization detect, isolate and remove malware; restore infrastructure to a known good state; and re-install operating systems, applications and data?”

Solutions such as the HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers can help by providing a secure foundation for data-related initiatives, such as creating and maintaining data warehouses and analyzing information. A data warehouse is an integrated database of information designed to enable easier analytics and research. Partnering with HPE for infrastructure support, companies like AlphaSix design, implement and support big data analytics for federal agencies. AlphaSix also assists organizations with cybersecurity services and solutions to protect the vast amount of data they generate.

Among the security features offered by HPE’s Gen10 ProLiant server is protection against firmware attacks, which is enabled by a silicon-anchored chain of trust. Here’s how it works: “HPE’s silicon root of trust provides protection as soon as the server is powered on and the Integrated Lights Out (iLO) firmware comes alive,” according to a report by high tech analyst firm Moor Insights & Strategy. “As the server initializes, its firmware is compared against an immutable fingerprint stored in iLO 5 to verify that all the firmware code is valid and uncompromised.”

What these security features ultimately mean for agencies is a solid foundation for analyzing more accurate and timely data. Secure data begins with secure infrastructure and protecting infrastructure begins with ensuring it will operate as expected and that the necessary firmware remains secure.

As the data center becomes more virtualized, servers should be agencies’ strongest defense, arming them with the latest innovations to prevent, detect and recover from security attacks. But finding the optimal solution — whether it’s secure hardware or software — based on specific requirements can be challenging to say the least.

By partnering with value-added resellers such as AlphaSix, agencies can work with one vendor to acquire solutions from multiple sources, thus simplifying the procurement process. Their big data services and solutions enable organizations to: find the right approach to collecting and organizing their data, sourcing the hardware and software to meet their needs, connecting the dots across data silos to generate actionable insights, and managing big data services with ease.

To learn more about how AlphaSix can help your agency visit alphasixcorp.com.

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