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Can Government Do More with Less?

In a recent GovLoop survey, we asked our members – “What’s your biggest challenge?”

The #1 answer was the proverbial – “Do More with Less”

I’ve spent the last month working on a presentation entitled “Do More With Less” that I’ve now given to three different audiences where I’ve gotten some great feedback and questions

In this presentation, I argue that you can’t do more with less. Instead, you must either:

  • Do More Differently
  • Do Less with Less

I then dive deeply into 10 different opportunities using this approach:

  • Rethink Learning
  • No Cost, Self-Funding Model
  • Increase Revenue
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Services
  • Rethink Offices
  • Fire the C Team
  • Rethink Service Delivery
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Processes
  • Focus on Big Impact / Cut the Rest
  • Rethink Procurement

I’ve attached the full presentation below

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The “fire the C team” item caught my eye. Some federal senior executives seem to regard government jobs as a kind of welfare benefit, theirs to disburse as they see fit. This is the real barrier to be overcome.