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The inaugural speech and the role of government

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The High Five

  1. Police Verify Dangers First to Reduce False Alarms – Cities and counties could save money and improve public safety if they cut down on the incidence of those false alarms, according to a November 2012 report from the institute.

  2. The 5 Myths of Government Leadership – Turregano, a senior faculty member in CCL’s Government Service Sector, has heard numerous assumptions about government leaders — from those within government and from the outside. He decided to take a closer look at five myths of government leadership and draw on a range of research to get at the reality.

  3. Baruti Artharee says his personal experiences will shape his new job as Mayor Hales’ public safety policy director – In 1975, Baruti Artharee, chairman of the Black Justice Committee, led a community march to downtown Portland’s police headquarters, demanding the firing of an officer who fatally shot a 17-year-old African American boy.

  4. Deal confirmed, but rebirth of Sonics won’t be simple – While there was a celebratory feel in statements from officials and those involved in the sale, there was caution that a few significant hurdles remain.

  5. Employers’ Social Media Policies Under Scrutiny – Federal regulators are ordering employers to scale back policies that limit what workers can say online.

The Fiscal Cliff

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Outside Portlandia

The Career Center

  • Here’s Why Ideas Are More Valuable Than Execution – An interviewer asked me what two lessons she would take away from my book, Mind Over Matter.

  • How We Can Make Workplaces More Family-Friendly – The United States lags behind most of the world’s developed nations in rankings of the best places for mothers, especially working mothers. One reason is that the careers of many Americans demand schedules incompatible with the requirements of parenthood. Having no available middle ground, some primary caregivers (mostly mothers) leave their careers. If they do later return, they nearly always do so at salaries and positions well behind peers who did not interrupt their careers.

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