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Edward Koch, Former Mayor, Dies at 88

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The High Five

  1. Hillsboro mayor champions baseball, embraces regional partnerships as city continues to grow – Hillsboro Mayor Jerry Willey touted the city’s relationships with partners regionally and nationally at his State of the City address Thursday, saying the city isn’t alone as it tries to tackle looming transportation issues that will have a ripple effect across the region.

  2. Why smarter land use can help cities attract and retain young adults – Here’s the nutshell: 20th-century land use won’t help your city attract and retain 21st-century people. It just won’t. This is because the lifestyle values of the Millennial generation, sometimes called GenY, are markedly different from those of previous generations when they were the same age as the Millennials are now (roughly 18 to 34).

  3. Patent Producers Clustered in Only a Few Cities – Patents, for all their flaws, are a widely used proxy for innovation. And a new study from the Brookings Institution shows just how clustered patent-related innovation is in America.

  4. Defending Youngstown: One City’s Struggle to Shrink and Flourish – Progress is measured by the bulldozer’s pace in Youngstown. The hobbled Ohio steel giant has lost more than 100,000 residents since the 1950s and has been racing to tear down the now dilapidated homes jobless workers left behind.

  5. The Real Role of Cities – Over the last hundred years or so, we have come to see local government increasingly as a mechanism for service delivery. James Keene, the city manager of Palo Alto, Calif., sees the deeper purpose of government, especially at the local level, with a different perspective: as a way to establish and maintain agreements on how we are going to live together.

I’m Just a Bill

State senator calls for new plan on CRC

Few lawmakers opt out of PERS despite conflict of interest

Chris Gregoire: Secretary of the Interior?

The Fiscal Cliff

New spending cap could mean extra steps to keep Damascus running

Local older voters buck axiom by backing school districts’ levies

Washougal to lower water rates

Doubt Is Cast on Consultants Hired to Fix Banks’ Abuses

Dallas city audit reveals areas to improve

Committee hears pitch for levy

Inside Portlandia

Uncertainty surrounds Foothills’ future with possible repeal of urban renewal district

Portland needs street savvy to repair rutted roads, improve Transportation Bureau

Portland’s Business Owners Split On Proposed Sick Leave Plan

Whitaker site proposal in Northeast Portland could be a model for urban farming

Washington County Department of Land Use and Transportation hires Policy Analyst

Charlie Hales tries running all bureaus, all the time: 200 wiseguy words

Multnomah County board Chairman Jeff Cogen to propose ‘mental health first aid’ training program

Portland’s mayor responds to scathing PBOT audit

Clackamas County commissioners decide to send letter to TriMet asking to stop Portland-Milwaukie light rail in Portland

Outside Portlandia

EDITORIAL | Port, city must work together

Pierce County Jail considers private sector medical staff

The Career Center

5 People Who Are Hurting Your Career – Experience, a strong network and an excellent resume are important aspects of a strong career. But to truly propel your professional development, take stock of your personal influencers and make sure they aren’t stifling your career potential.

I’d Rather Be Honest and Lose Than Be Dishonest and Win – But it led to some self-reflection: had I valued honesty more than winning? There were times I could say I had. But I also remembered falling short: I remembered a self-published “book” I had written in college when I exaggerated one line in the introduction.

A Call to Action

File:Ed koch.jpg

Boards and Commissions Vacancies – Per the Washington County Board of Commissioner procedures, nominations will be solicited for these committees for a six-week period or until the positions are filled. The County Administrative Office will solicit applications from qualified individuals. Staff will keep the Commissioners apprised of applications received and of approaching deadlines.

The World Wide Web

Slowpoke Communicators Miss Opportunities – Lurkers, laggards and slowpokes. Call them what you will, but many very good managers in the public and private sectors are still skeptical about using social media as a communications tool.

How to Gather Interview Intel With Social Media – A company you’ve anxiously been waiting to hear back from has just called to schedule an interview for next week. Immediately, you begin thinking about how you can turn in a stellar interview that will leave them forgetting all other candidates. The fundamentals apply: sharp suit or professional skirt, being on time, calm demeanor.

The Power of Social Media: Top Tips for Success – This week I reached an incredible milestone of having more than 100,000 LinkedIn followers.

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