04.02.13: Your Morning Buzz

Opening Day with the Portland Beavers

The High Five

Sisters city manager resigns – Sisters City Manager Eileen Stein resigned effective Monday, April 1, after serving 11 years in the position.

Public Transportation Does Relieve Traffic Congestion, Just Not Everywhere – A new study finds that transit does cut down on traffic — but only on roads that parallel heavy transit corridors.

When Fury Can Be a Force for Good Ends – Michael R. Bloomberg can grow easily irritated, and he minces fewer words the closer he gets to the end of his near-infinite mayoralty.

Caroline Kennedy takes a less traveled path in her family – With ambassador post in Japan, Caroline Kennedy pursues a public service — not political — path.

To Fight Gridlock, a City Synchronizes Every Red Light – With the number of cars on the road continuing to rise, boosters of Los Angeles’s new synchronized traffic system admit it may not be enough to prevent gridlock from worsening.

4-1-1 on E-L-G-L

Newest ELGL Member: Forrest Chambers, City of Eugene, Firefighter

Upcoming ELGL Forums: April 11: Greg Baker, Damascus City Manager and April 17: K.L. Wombacher, Hillsboro Hops General Manager

Weekly Reader – Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week

  1. 2nd Annual ELGL Call for Resumes – Deadline April 8
  2. New Sensation with Michelle Tagmyer, City of Beaverton Public Information
  3. 03.28.13: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Public Transit Remix)
  4. Part IV: The Monthly Development with Pat Mobley
  5. 03.29.13: Your Morning Buzz

I’m Just a Bill

Measure 11 fight descends into details in Salem

Both sides of weapons debate gather forces to lobby state

Arizona city poised to pass state’s first civil union ordinance

The Fiscal Cliff

OMB to Furlough 480 Staffers

Stockton bankruptcy can move forward, judge rules

As timber counties struggle, state looks at moving Oregon, California timber lands into a trust

Inside Portlandia

Beaverton teams with Banner Bank to offer loans for downtown storefront beautification

Eastside streetcar project costs jump from $600,000 to $2.1 million: Portland City Hall Roundup

The mystery of the mayor’s ledger

New political group forms in Lake Oswego

Hillsboro council to vote on concessions deal with Hops owners

Multnomah County, Metro win top honors in national audit competition

Outside Portlandia

Vancouver is leery of county’s plans on parks pact

Salem Journal: Once a ‘Cuckoo’s Nest,’ Now a Museum

Feds accuse Oregon of segregation of the disabled

Seattle council signals 24-story towers by South Lake Union won’t fly

Company Town: Military officials want to keep the tower open at Salem airport

Editorial: Council goals for 2013-14 ambitious, vexing

Career Center

Resume Book Deadline Extended to April 8, 2013 – To facilitate the networking and connections from “Link In Live,” ELGL has extended the deadline for the ELGL resume book until Monday, April 8, 2013 at noon. The Link In Live participants are encouraged to submit their resumes to [email protected] to ensure their continued outreach and networking.

The Importance of Networking, the Hidden Job Market and Recruiter Relevancy – To better understand how jobs are being filled we just launched a “Source of Hire” survey. The preliminary results are shown in the graphic. Most notable so far: networking represents a far larger segment of the hiring process then first imagined. Since many of these positions are filled before the job is made public a hidden job market is created, with recruiters playing a secondary role.


Negotiating Tactics Play Role in Gender Pay Gap – Estimates of the pay gap between men and women vary, along with speculation about the causes behind the difference. A new paper by Andreas Liebbrandt of Monash University in Australia and John List of the University of Chicago says salary negotiation has a lot to do with it.

How Shared Diaper Duty Could Help the Economy – Policies like paid maternity leave help working mothers maximize their economic potential, but so do social norms that encourage a bigger role for men at home.

Social Network

Why Facebook’s Future Is In Mobile – When you first switch on an iPhone, you are asked for your Apple account. Switch on an Android device and nine times out of ten you’ll be asked for a Google account (the other ten percent will be Amazon asking Kindle users to log in). Windows Phone will ask for a Live account. BlackBerry will ask for a BlackBerry World user/password combination.

Bridging the Digital Divide … in Our Libraries – So, why then, do I want to take the next few minutes of your time to talk about public libraries?

The Games of Government – Few people see government as “fun,” especially during tax-filing season. But governments–especially local governments–do sponsor plenty of fun for their citizens, providing venues ranging from sports stadiums to recreation centers to parks, libraries and continuing-education classes.

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