10 Ways to Turnaround a Dysfunctional Team

Eric Jackson as a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine writes some very interesting management articles. In addition to writing for Forbes, Jackson is the Founder and Managing Member of Ironfire Capital LLC and he has completed his Ph.D. in the Management Department at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business in New York, with a specialization in Strategic Management.

As many of us in government often take over or become involved with dysfunctional teams, Jackson’s latest article Ten Ways to Turnaround a Dysfunctional Team offers some great advice that I am passing along. Below is Jackson’s list without his additional explanation, which you can read at the link above.

  1. Get rid of non-performers immediately.
  2. Fill vacant roles with capable people with amazing attitudes, skills for that particular area, and zealous attention to detail and follow-through.
  3. Set the vision for the group and establish milestones to achieving the vision.
  4. Follow-up and remind the team how they’re doing against the milestones.
  5. Agree on meeting ‘rules of the road.
  6. Schedule regular face time with each of your team members at least monthly and ideally bi-weekly.
  7. Hold fewer team-wide meetings but smaller ones with the right people attending.
  8. Do annual performance reviews and discuss the team member’s developmental needs.
  9. Hold people accountable.
  10. Measure the team’s progress at least annually.

What do you think of this list based on your experience working with a team? Are these items doable in a government setting?

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