11 Reasons to Code for America

There are a lot reasons to apply for the Code for America fellowship. Here’s 11 of them.

11: You like asking, what if…

10: We’re creators, builders, and thinkers, and you want to spend your days making.

9: We have a vast network chock-full of tech, design, and government leaders, and
you’ll make more connections than will fit in your rolodex.

8: We’re a “Peace Corps for Geeks,” and you’re a geek with a giant heart.

7: You heart cities, but hate red tape.

6: We act like a startup. You like fun.

5: You want to be surrounded by smart, motivated people.

4: We’re students at heart, and you’re all about learning new skills.

3: Our motto is “innovation.” So is yours.

2: San Francisco has the world only moving national monument, and you’re
all about moving and thinking forward.

1: You want to do something that matters.

Code for America is now accepting applications for its 2013 fellowship. The spring selection deadline is March 18, 2012.

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