Dedicated to The Honorable Barack Hussein Obama

Our New President

I have the greatest admiration for a man I’ve never met.
God sent this man into our lives, and we shall n’er forget,
That God believes and we agree, this man comes with a creed.
He’s been preparing his entire life to fill our Nation’s need!

He won the post to lead us all, he fought a valiant fight.
When others failed, he prevailed, and now he has the right,
To call the “shots” and make the plans, for all that he must do.
His courage is invincible, it’s “steely” through and through!

There are those who felt that he, could never pass the test.
Who could not walk where he has trod, and could not be the best.
But with God’s help and prayers beside, his life an open book,
He stepped in front and led the race, oh what a trip he took!

Today he’ll take that solemn oath, with vows to serve us well,
With hand upon the Bible, his faith to show and tell.
Then he’ll make his speech, to all nations far and wide,
And every single citizen, he’ll fill us all with pride!

Barack Obama looks to God, for strength to stay the course.
With much to do, so little time, he goes right to the source.
He never fails to ask for help, gives credit where it’s due,
He’s now our newest President, he’ll serve both me and you!

Thank You God for being there, when we’re in need of prayer.
While the world looks on and their leaders are all aware,
They all will hear the sound of bells as our sweet “freedoms” ring,
And also our new President begins to do his thing!

Copyright January 20, 2009

Jacob Nathaniel Shepherd

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Sam Allgood

You would think that someone who’s ‘life is an open book’ would not spend a million dollars to keep from being required to produce his birth certificate and would readily release his college records. Not that I’m an avid ‘birther’, but his actions raise more questions than answers, not only about this but about what god he is praying to.