2011 PMF Finalists: Open Thread

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I’ve been waiting to post this until the PMF Program Office offered up any news. The 2011 PMF finalist list is due out sometime in late March, according to the latest news on the PMF web site. While this is still vague, it’s nevertheless right around the corner. Historically, the PMF Program Office has provided roughly a 2 week news lead on the results, so my prediction is that we may hear something around March 29. As I have done in the past, I am opening this thread to collect your stories of acceptance or rejection. Did you make it? If so, congratulations to you. Is this the end of the PMF road for you? I know it may be disappointing, but consider what you’ve learned along the way, and remember how fierce the competition was; the semifinalists were already a stellar group, so you are in good company, just unfortunately on the wrong side of a line. Why not sit among peers and share your triumphs and frustrations?

Note: I would link to the news blurb on the PMF site, but since they still don’t really get how everyone else does news, there won’t be a permanent link to it, and it will die as soon as some new bit of fluff comes floating by. 😉

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