2012 Feds Feed Families Campaign Begins on June 1, 2012 – Will You Help Those in Need?

The 2012 Feds Feed Families Food Drives, sponsored by the Office of Personnel Management and the Chief Human Capital Officers Council, will launch on June 1, 2012. There continues to be a need to feed the hungry accross the country, particularly in the summer months, when there are increased shortages in food banks and an increased need among children who do not benefitting from school lunch programs.

Over the past three years, our generos Federal workforce collected an astounding 8 million pounds of food and non-perishable items through the Feds Feed Families campaign.

All food collected in the DC area will be delivered to the Capital Area Food Bank, who distributes the food to more than 700 partner organizations. Employees outside the DC area, should contact their local Federal Executive Board (www.feb.gov) or contact their local food band directly (www.feedingamerica.org).

Wouldn’t it be great if our state and local government employees joined the Feds in this effort?

The campaign runs through August 31, 2012, so there is plenty of time to get a collection started in your office. Let’s all show our spirit of service! I’d love to hear stories about government employees who take the initiative.

For more information, go to www.fedsfeedfamilies.gov.

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linda perry

Nothing up at fedsfeedfamilies website for 2012 ‘most wanted’ list. And not all agencies have coordinators. Do you have any more information about the launch?

Terrence (Terry) Hill

OPM should have the 2012 website (http://www.fedsfeedfamilies.gov) up later this week. They are also available on Facebook and Twitter. All agencies should have coordinators/champions by now. The kickoff wil be on June 11th at the Capital Area Food Bank. Here is the 12 “Most Wanted” items for 2012. Spread the word!