2012 Fellowship Projects: Part I [Watch]

At our first-ever Fellowship Projects webinar, three of our 2012 fellows shared an in-depth look at projects they’ve been building this year and had a chance to answer live questions from our audience: Textizen, OpenCounter, and LocalData. Watch the full recording below to find out the answers to audience questions like:

  • How did Textizen, built for Philadelphia, get redeployed in Salt Lake City and the City of Boston? (17:08)
  • How did Ruthie, a fellow on team Santa Cruz, Calif., decide to focus on business permitting for her project, and what has it been like working with the Planning Department? (31:33)
  • How hard is it to redeploy LocalData? Can a non-technical community organizer do it? (41:40)
  • How can someone in Albuquerque, N.M. — or anyone, anywhere — bring Code for America projects to their city? (50:48)

We’ll be livestreaming Part II of our Fellowship Projects webinar series, featuring three more apps from this year’s fellowship, at 10 a.m. Pacific (1 p.m. Eastern) on September 18, 2012: RSVP now.

Questions? Comments? Hit us up @codeforamerica.

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