22-25 Sep Big Data Exchange in San Francisco CA


We previously wrote about the 22-25 Sep 2013 Big Data Exchange in San Francisco CA. With this post we can provide a bit more information.

There is an absolutely awesome lineup of speakers for the event. Find them at: http://ctolink.us/12psNBI

From the event website:

Welcome to The Big Data Exchange

The prospect of out-placing your competition by leveraging your company’s data is compelling. With an estimated 90% of the data in the world to-date having been created within the last two years, the sheer volume of data being generated on a daily basis is dizzying. Big Data is the answer for most companies to determine strategies and frameworks to sift through the phenomenal number of customer records, sound recordings, text messages, Facebook comments, Tweets as well as the behavioral and transactional data they continue to receive.

To stay ahead of the pack, business innovator s have to conquer the sheer volume and velocity of business and customer insights available to them; and analyze and leverage this data to better serve their markets.

The 2-Track Big Data Exchange will provide insight and best practices for IT and Marketing/Analytics Executives to be able to:

  • Recognize how to leverage Big Data to boost revenues and improve customer relations

  • Collect, sort and store immense quantities of structured, unstructured and multi-structured data

  • Process your data in “real-time”

  • Learn & understand Big Data tools and technologies, including: Hadoop, Cassandra, Map/Reduce and NoSQL databases

  • Examine how to integrate your data collection technologies with analysis tools to produce actual usable information

  • Determine manners to equip your teams with the appropriate skill sets needed to manage and analyze Big Data

  • Ascertain how the Cloud can decrease the cost of storage and curb the ever-increasing complexity of computing

  • And much more…

To request an invite see: http://ctolink.us/12psF56

 22 25 Sep Big Data Exchange in San Francisco CA

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