29 July Tech Lab Pgm Features EngagingPlans – Online Engmt Websites

Our Friday 29 July Tech Lab program
features EngagingPlans
InteractiveStudio (UIS).

Join us to learn more about the EngagingPlans
online tool and to hear tips about successful online engagement based on Chris
Haller’s experience working with agencies and nonprofits.

EngagingPlans is an online engagement solution tailored to
practitioners’ needs, something that’s rare in today’s world of
one-size-fits-all web applications. It solves the dilemma that many
organizations face as communication moves increasingly online and more citizens
expect the convenience of having information available on the web.

Agencies are recognizing the value of online communication among stakeholders,
citizens, and decision-makers, but often can’t afford the financial or
administrative output required to maintain an effective web presence dedicated
to a specific engagement project. EngagingPlans enables the rapid launch of an
interactive website and engagement management system, with minimal effort and
no special technical skills required.

Date: Friday 29 July
Noon-1pm Eastern (New York)
webinar with demonstration and Q&As)
FREE for Circle Club members


  • Welcome and brief introductions (3 minutes)
  • Discussion of Tips for Successful Online Engagement and Review of EngagingPlans’ core features (25 minutes)
  • Questions/Discussion (30 minutes)
Chris Haller will be our presenter. Chris
is a nationally-recognized Web developer and Online Engagement practitioner,
with a broad background in urban planning and communication technologies. These
skills, combined with many years of experience in consulting for urban planning
projects, are what brings Urban Interactive Studio’s mission – to enhance
communication and improve decision-making in urban planning – to life. In April
2011 he was named one of the Top 25 thinkers in Urban Planning Technology by
the urban planning magazine Planetizen.

As UIS’ founder, Chris is closely involved in the day-to-day development of
interactive Web and mobile applications, as well as EngagingPlans, a
place-based, interactive Web site package for planning projects. He designs
effective online engagement projects and Social Media strategies for clients,
and provides related training when needed. Chris is also founder and publisher
of the EngagingCities online magazine, where he writes about trends in Urban
Planning and Public Involvement.

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