3 Ways to Find the Right “Fit”

No matter what industry you work in, every company, every team, every organization has one ability that they all share: the ability to choose what type of person that enters into the company.

People are, undoubtedly, a company’s most valuable asset. Companies differ in goals, strategies, structure, processes and cultures according to the values and beliefs of the people who work there—and specifically, from the leaders who “model the way.”

Thus organizations create value based on the employees who they attract and select for having the qualities that the organization ideals. Here are 3 ways to ensure you find the right fit:

1. You can’t train stupid.

Core values like honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness should be expected of somebody who represents your team, not standards “to live up to.” Anybody who requires an explanation as to what it means to be honest is probably the wrong fit.

2. Run to where the ball will be, not where it is.

Anticipate the direction in which the company is heading and what sort of traits—not job skills—are necessary. Sure, today a manager with industry experience may be ideal but how adaptable is he? How much is he willing to face conflict and get things done? Specific skills can be learned, but mindsets need to be cultivated.

3. Collaborate with the team.

Get a few different perspectives on a potential hire to avoid the potential for myopia or bias. What’s more, if you’re looking to bring someone onto the sales team, collaborate with the marketing team to get their viewpoints on what they look for. New perspectives can broaden your view about what “right” looks like.

An investment in people is just that–an investment. There is no such thing as a consistently high-yield investment. If there was, I certainly wouldn’t be blogging right now. It takes time to reap the benefits from diligence, service, and training.

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