343 vs 201 series

Which is more versitle, a 343 or a 201?

My answer is a 343. It serves as a catch all series. It seems to me that you can learn almost anything while being in this series, which means you will have more career options. While the 201 is an exciting and important series, it is limited to HR functions only. What is the consensus?

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Nichole Henley

I don’t know about “versatility” but I think this question can be answered according to the career path you are trying to follow. I’ve been in both series and I don’t use it to label myself. It’s my experience that dictates my skills and my past experiences help to shape my future career path. These series in my opinion are so general as it pertains to my experience that it’s irrelevant. Let me tell you what I can do for you and what I’m looking to do, then you can assign whatever series you want to it. 🙂