5 Bold Predictions for the Future of Learning

  • We’ll spend significantly less time in professional training as courseware is compressed to the most pertinent information and everything becomes searchable in response to increasingly shorter attention spans.
  • We will regularly learn from teams of the world’s top experts in any given field, often for free. Many academic institutions will start to openly publish their courseware for peer review and collaboration, as they do with research.
  • College students will earn a series of micro-degrees instead of focusing on one major.  Collectively, these micro-degrees will more adequately prepare them for the complex, multi-disciplinary jobs of the future.
  • Virtual coaching will replace much of the traditional, classroom-based training of today as a scalable response to the increasing need for individually-relevant learning experiences that are hyper-tailored to each person’s needs.
  • We will measure whether or not learning has taken place using neuroscience by looking at physical changes in the brain.

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