7 Learning Disabilities that Hinder Teams and Individuals

Hopefully we can all get past the fact that there are both physiological and attitudinal learning disabilities (dysfunctional attitudes and mindsets can disable our ability to learn, just as can dysfunctional physiological characteristics), and focus on the intent and content of the blog. The Parable of the Frog and The Delusion of Learning from Experience struck me the most…I think because I’m slow to recognize a gradual change, and because I see the learning delusion a lot in my job. In my experience, the rigidity of thinking and doing that can result from the learning delusion makes it difficult to truly serve the public in many instances. I believe flexibility and innovation serve our public better, more often than not.

Frozen in Place by Fear of Litigation might be another attitudinal learning disability. Acting in ways that will minimize the possiblity of an appeal or lawsuit can greatly hinder the flexibility and innovation we need to better serve the public.

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