7 Lessons, 3 Observations, and 2 Things about Hi5ing Fridays

Today, during lunch some of GovLoop crew Pat, Allison, Lauren, and I went on a Hi5Friday mission to Hi5 as many people as we could in about an hour. We gave out about 300 Hi5’s. Watch the video and see the pictures below.

7 lessons we learned:
  1. Be Confident – initial approach matters most
  2. Be Resilient – no means, offer to next person
  3. Be Concise – Say, Hi5, great job this week!
  4. Offer, don’t ask – Don’t say would you like…they were more likely to say no.
  5. Be Energetic, but not in their face – Catch them up in the moment, give them a second to process
  6. Accept people choices to not Hi5, it’s their choice for what ever reason
  7. Be flexible – sometimes if people are eating, they want to pound it instead. Totally acceptable. Also, there are some fans of the low-five. Yes, those are free too.

3 not so scientific observations:

  1. Women are more likely than men to hi5 when walking solitary
  2. People are more likely to Hi5 when they see other Hi5ing before them
  3. People are more likely to Hi5 when they are standing in line

2 things will do differently next time:

  1. Find lines of people and move through them. No standing around.
  2. Bring Purell so we practice safe Hi5ing

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Andrew Krzmarzick

“Good game, everybody, good game.”

“You did a great job this week, everybody….I don’t care what your boss said.”



Andrew Krzmarzick

Actually, now that I am watching a bit more of this, all new salespeople should have to do this…builds confidence and prepares them for rejection. There just may be a book of lessons here for getting out of your shell for business and networking…

Lori Zipes

Oh my gosh, this is awesome. I can’t imagine how many peoples’ days you brightened — sometimes it is the little things. Can’t beat that, indeed.