9 Apps for Public-Sector Workforce Advancement

The average American spends more waking hours at the office than at home during the work week, and making the most of that time can be a challenge. Today’s workforce demands a productive and relevant worker, and thankfully, technology can help do that. The following apps can turn the 21st century’s best friend – the smartphone – into a tool to help us be our best at work.

1 – Public Speaking Tools

Forbes recently reported that 70% of employers consider presentation skills to be critical for career success. This app, Public Speaking Tools, will help you hone your public speaking skills by helping you identify and improve your pace of speaking, which is key for presentation success. You can also create cue cards to practice your speech or presentation before the main event.

2 – Public Speaking Skills

This is a public speaking class in your pocket. This app is full of information about public speaking, with educational videos to assist in your learning and includes a self-assessment to gauge your skill level and tricks to improve presentation skills.

3- Productive Habits and Daily Goals Tracker

Maintaining a work-life balance is a struggle for many workers, yet research shows that you are more productive at work when our lives do achieve balance. This highly-rated app lets you set reminders to do things like leave your desk and take a lap around the office, take your daily supplements, and even take a moment to meditate and refocus.

4- Focus Zen 

Are you constantly distracted by social media or mindless websites? Focus Zen has audio specifically engineered to boost your focus. You can force out distractions and improve your focus while working, reading, or trying to relax at home.

5- 30/30

Do you find yourself getting sucked into a task, only to realize later that you did not leave enough time to complete the rest of your to-do list? The 30/30 app lets you set a designated time for various assignments, so you don’t end up being unable to finish an important task. You set up a task list and create a time limit for each, and the app will tell you when it’s time to move on to the next job.

6 – Wunderlist: To-Do List

Group collaboration is key in many workplaces, but communication via group email or text on status updates can become hard to follow. This app lets you share tasks with the other people on your team. You create lists that can be viewed by others. When a task is completed it will be marked complete and visible to on the list.

7 – SignEasy

Sign Easy lets you sign documents without going through the trouble of printing and scanning. Using your finger, you create your authentic signature. Whether you need to sign documents or collect signatures, its real-life application is powerful.

8 – 1password

Between work and personal passwords, it’s hard to remember every log in credential. 1password connects to your accounts through creating one, master password. You can secure website logins, credit card details, and more through the app.

9 – Khan Acadamy: You Can Learn Anything

At work, you are often asked to act as an expert in something that we are not trained in. This app gives free lessons in math, history, science, and more. It is chalk full of videos on endless subjects, turning your phone into a pocket university.

Technology can increase distractions at work, but it also can help us be more productive and successful.

Once you’ve turned your smartphone into your personal secretary, check out “6 Amazing Productivity Tips” for even more ideas on making the most of your work time.

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joão mazaroto

Ha um mundo de aplicativos pra auxiliar em tudo e em todos os aspectos um profissional qualquer que seja a área de trabalho.Para mim,o bom uso das tecnologia deve começar nas escolas.Estas devem ser preparadas para os futuros colaboradores terem estruturas e suporte teórico e com conhecimentos práticos e inovadores para suprir o mercado profissional da mão de obra..As ações inovadoras de novos conhecimentos,não deve parar nunca.