A Big Shout Out to the Presidential Innovation Fellows

“Every new movement needs heroes.”

Tim O’Reilly said this in the recruitment video we made when we were just starting Code for America over two years ago. We were so grateful when the tech and design community answered our call, and we were grateful again when hundreds more applied for the second year. But now Todd Park and Steven Van Roekel, the top technologists and innovators for the federal government, have designed a new opportunity to serve your country, and they’ve just announced the line up new heroes of this movement: the Presidential Innovation Fellows.

Code for America advisor, mentor, and friend Clay Johnson is leading one of the projects we’re most excited about, EZ RFP, which will make a big difference to the companies in the Code for America Accelerator (and hugely benefit the Federal government). But each of the projects is well-thought out, strategically important, and has the ability to set a new bar for federal IT projects. Most importantly, each of the new fellows is accomplished, skilled, and ready to serve. You can see the full list of them here.

Here’s to each of the folks who stepped up to serve their country, and to the leaders in government who will work with them to forge new paths. We’re cheering for you at Code for America!

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