A busy week for federal IT

Federal information technology issues are having a busy week. On Capitol Hill, the Senate Veterans Committee holds a confirmation hearing on Wednesday for Roger Baker to be an Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs for Information and Technology as well as the department’s CIO.

It’s a great pick for the department that’s often been tangled in dealing with complex IT issues for the massive agency.

But Baker has 30 years of IT experience in both the public and private sectors. Check out the webcast of his hearing starting at 9:30 a.m. at http://veterans.senate.gov/calendar.cfm.

Fighting the swine flu remains front and center for the administration. Check out www.pandemicflu.gov to see what’s up and watch the daily briefings on the issue.

IT has become an integral part of the administration’s efforts to keep track of cases in the United States and worldwide as well as predict if the problem is growing or leveling off.

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