A call for a single #opendata licence in the #EU

Recently, the European Commission initiated the process of revision of the European Directive on Re-use of Public Sector Information.

One of its main objectives is to provide a general authorisation to re-use to citizens and businesses who want to make use of public sector information for the creation of new services, generating economic activity and enhancing the transparency.

The European Commission proposal of a revised Directive is certainly bold and extends the current framework. However, it has not defined a common European OpenData license which should by applicable to all European Public Administrations.

The creation of a single public information re-use space in Europe requires much more, it requires a common European OpenData license applicable to all data generated by European public administrations.

This is possible. Royal Decree 1495/2011, approved by the Government of Spain, provides an example of how a simple legal notice serves as an open data license applicable in the public sector – this sets an easy to follow roadmap for implementation in Europe.

First, define a European OpenData license compatible with the principles of information re-use without further conditions.
Second, set a transitional period after which the license is associated with all information generated by the public sector in the European Union.
Third, provide for the compulsory publication of such license in all public administration websites giving legal certainty to all European infomediary entrepreneurs and citizens wishing to make use of the information.

Right now the European Commission and Member States are developing the new directive, it is time that WE the OpenData community get our voice heard in Europe. WE ask the European Commission and the European Parliament to include a common European OpenData license and a clear deadline for adoption by all Member States in the revised Directive.

We cannot miss this golden opportunity in tapping the new gold of public sector information!

If you agree with this call, please sign for it here.


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