A complete Value Case for projects

What seems to be one of the hardest tasks for technical (I.T.) staff is developing a business case for a project or documenting the actual benefits that occur after deployment. Investment Strategies for Information Systems (ISIS) from IBM and Rapid Economic Justification (REJ) from Microsoft are methodologies that guide someone in the creation of a business case.

Neither of these however extended past justifying the project initially. Thus once the project was given the green light all measurements and promises of benefits typically fade from memory. It is then a matter of measurement on delivery time and on budget which a project seems to be judged successful or not. A poor trade in my opinion. Not capturing the actual results, rather than delivery, misses the point that business executive want to know. This in turn has senior executive then question the value of I.T. and continue to ask for reductions as they view I.T. as a cost center.

I’ll be covering some of the concepts and approaches I helped developed for each of these methodologies at SharePoint Saturday The Conference DC http://www.spstc.org

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